About Me

Akila Fernando is an experienced professional who has been driving groups across Sri Lanka since 2005. In that time, he has escorted over 250 groups and worked with visitors from all over the world, from the Middle East to China to Europe. Akila was born and raised in Sri Lanka and is skilled in navigating the island’s roads, cities, and villages. He is also very familiar with Sri Lanka’s many resorts and tourist sites and has personal relationships with many of the guides who will be leading you on your tours.

Your Tour driver will accompany you on every step of your journey. When possible, they will also stay overnight in the drivers’ quarters at your hotel or resort in order to ensure that all your needs are taken care of and to guarantee an early departure to your next destination. While at your resort, your driver will also be available to take you to any restaurants, shopping centers, or other locations you may want to visit during your stay.

  • Friendly Man

  • Treat as Friend

  • Guide as Friend

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